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Tonight!!! 06/23 Juice! welcomes Total Science [UK] CIA 20 Year Label Tour + Quadrant & Iris [SEA] and MindsEye (PDX)


Fifth Avenue Lounge
125 NW 5th Ave 97209 Portland United States
Continuing our unique Thursday sessions, JUICE! brings together internationally-known producers representing the unique sounds of deep, soulful drum and bass. We’re rolling in motion with some incredible summer vibes coming up as we welcome TOTAL SCIENCE [UK] CIA // METALHEADZ //SHOGUN to Portland Thursday, JUNE 23rd! And to top this off, we’re incredibly excited to also host QUADRANT + IRIS from Seattle alongside MINDS EYE (PDX) to help us celebrate this 20 YEARS CIA LABEL TOUR! Holy smokes!
With so much great music this night, we hope you can join us at Fifth Avenue Lounge for this next very special event and retrospect of one of the top labels in the industry.

Stoked for the opportunity to have this here, and looking forward to seeing you all out for this!

Doors at 9:00pm.
$15 / $20 door
pre-sale Tickets up at Brown Paper Tickets @ http://m.bpt.me/event/2557199
DnB pleasure until 2:30am / share and pass it on!



A Brief History

Jason Greenhalgh (Q­Project) and Paul Smith (Spinback) first met in 1987 brought together through their mutual love of hip­hop music. Over the next few years the pair developed a deep appreciation for Techno and Dance music at the beginning of its worldwide takeover. By 1991, Spinback was an established DJ, gracing the decks at events week in week out including the world famous “Universe”, meanwhile Q­Project had entered into the studio, his first release "Freestyle Fanatic", Their first label, Legend Records was launched with Q­Project’s highly acclaimed "Champion Sound" in 1992. It took their profile to new heights, and it remains one of the most influential tunes of its time and generation this was swiftly followed by the start of their early recording career together under the name Funky Technicians ......and so the unstoppable collaboration had begun.

In 1997, the well established pair launched the Computer Integrated Audio (C.I.A) label and the alias Total Science, was born. Over the coming years, Total Science had releases on all the major D&B labels including Metalheadz, Goodlooking, Moving Shadow, Hospital, Tru Playaz, 31 Records (Doc Scott), Reinforced, Soul:r, Shogun Audio to name but a few, as well as releases under their own C.I.A. and various other imprints.

Total Science/ Q­Project have release 4 albums, however, the actual number of singles and EP’s the pair have released is currently an unknown quantity. Their relentless yearning to create music and dogged approach denotes there are just too many to mention! but defining tracks of Total Science 20 year career include:

Q Project ­ Champion Sound ( Total Science Remix )


Defcom 69


Funky Technicians ­ Airtight

Soul Patrol ( feat MC Conrad )

Q Project ­ Ask Not

Wots My Code – Dubplate ( Total Science Remix )

Redlines ( feat Riya )

Total Science & S.P.Y ­ Gangsta

Another Time ( feat Grimm )

DJ Friction v Total Science ­ Scatter

As DJ’s Total Science have been touring globally for over a decade, regularly requested and in demand from the USA, Australia, New Zealand & Japan to the present day. They have a strong presence and dedicated following across the whole of Europe and in the UK, playing in all major regions and cities, and regularly listed at top London venues.

Recent & Present

In recent times Total Science have collaborated with a few select artists, most recognized is their work with Brazilian wonder kid S.P.Y. The pair became a threesome sharing ideas and studio space, and magic was made, the defining moments of this ultimate link­up being “Gangsta”, “Testimony (feat Riya ) ”, “Legion”, “Venus Prime”, and “Ghostrider”, & more recently on S.P.Y's second album "Back to Basisc's" which they were present on 4 tracks . Their ongoing collaboration with vocalist Riya (Laura Pacheco) over the years has resulted in many appearances and Top Ten status with tracks "Redlines" "Piano Funk" & "See Your Face" the title track from their 2013 EP on Shogun Audio .
Other notable projects include the impressive, "Another Time" (featuring Grimm) on Spearhead Various output on Shogun Audio including "Positive Vibrations “, the massive "Scatter" from the Friction Verses series, two tracks on Riya's album for Spearhead (one of which Mixmag also premiered) and a Top 10 collaboration with Quadrant & Iris on C.I.A.


The duo have already released ‘Found A Reason Why’ a collaboration with FD which appeared on their own CIA Records imprint. They will be returning to their second home, Goldie’s Metalheadz this year with the 'Notes of Blue EP' and on Dispatch (for a track with Nymfo) It’s also CIA’s 20th birthday this year so they have worked on a Various Artist album which will feature long time players Calibre, Break, Spy, Digital & Spirit to name a few. Collaborations are also in the works with Mako, DLR, Digital & Spirit, Kaiju, Onemind to name a few, so expect a lot more from the duo over the coming months.

For worldwide bookings (excluding North America) please contact alex@bassic.co

To keep up to date with all thats going on in the world of Total Science check out:
DJ Bookings Total Science = http://bassic.co/#/Artist/total­science
DJ Bookings Total Science North/South America & Canada =
Soundcloud Total Science = http://soundcloud.com/total­science
Soundcloud C.I.A = http://soundcloud.com/ciarecords
Facebook Total Science = http://www.facebook.com/totalscience
Facebook C.I.A = http://www.facebook.com/ciarecords
Twitter Total Science = http://twitter.com/totalscience

Various Discogs links to our music


[SEATTLE] Hospital // Metalheadz // CIA // Dispatch // Commercial Suicide // Ninja Tune // Intrigue // Avantgarde // Fokuz // Vandall

Iris was introduced to electronic music at age 13, when she first heard “Insomnia” by Faithless on Seattle’s C89.5. Since then, her love affair with the music has only intensified as she has honed a diverse set of tastes and an equally exacting repertoire of skills behind the decks. Her journey has taken her from UK Hard House, into the sounds of Trance and Progressive, finally culminating in her current focus of Deep Drum and Bass and Techno.

Iris has been collaborating on original productions with DnB veteran Quadrant. Their first tune, Anthropocene, was spotted immediately by none other than Goldie himself, and snapped up for the Metalheadz Genesis EP volume 4. Since then her productions with Quadrant as well as many other collaborations with local legend Kid Hops have been picked up by a whole host of impressive labels such as CIA, Commercial Suicide, Dispatch and Hospital Records.

With an ever growing arsenal of original productions, a host of exclusive tunes from the hottest producers around the world, all held down by meticulous mixing and track selection, Iris is a force to be reckoned with.


Quadrant, a.k.a Leigh Caplan, has been writing quality Drum and Bass for over a decade on both coasts. From humble origins, this hungry young producer in his native Seattle has grown to be a respected artist on the worldwide scene. Quadrant’s goal has always been the same: make music that he is proud to call his own.

Originally part of a four-person collective gathered in a Philadelphia basement, Quadrant debuted in 2005 with a string of early releases on Renegade Hardware, most notably "Manipulated Living" on the Carpe Diem LP, a track that hasn't left many DJs' crates since. Following these initial successes was a highly respected slew of appearances on Triple Vision labels Citrus and Fokuz, showcasing equal proclivities for dancefloor impact and melodic beauty– a rare combination in a genre that so often seems to favor one at the expense of the other.

After relocating back to Seattle, Quadrant became a solo project in 2011, creating a new collaboration with IRIS, “Anthropocene”, which was picked up by Goldie for Metalheadz in 2013.

As he continued to focus in on his craft, it opened new doors for a wider variety of collaborations with like-minded artists locally and globally. 2013 marked a time of unabated productivity, starting with the Metalheadz imprint with IRIS, and followed by appearances on:
—Hospital, (“Hovercraft" w/ Kid Hops & Iris);
—Dispatch "Graphene" w/ Hybris, Iris, DStruct on Dispatch Transit 2 LP; and "Convergence/Borealis" w/ Kid Hops & Iris on Dispatch LTD; and
—"Spinout/Depth Sounder" w/ Iris, debut on Commercial Suicide.

Further collaborations continued with Iris, Kid Hops, Homemade Weapons, Hybris, Lukeino of Bachelors of Science, DStruct and Calculon have all served to inject a welcome diversity into recent tracks. 2014 was further enriched with his European tour with IRIS, including appearances at the Dispatch label night at Plan B and Soul In Motion (both in London), and at the Outlook Festival Dispatch Moat stage (+ a boat party) in Pula, Croatia.

With the critically acclaimed release of The Microsleep EP on Dispatch, and worldwide DJ support from artists such as Goldie, Klute, Break, A Sides, Silent Witness, Ant TC1, DLR, Survival, Ulterior Motive, and State of Mind; the future is bright for this incredibly talented producer. With forthcoming releases on Dispatch, C.I.A., and Renegade Hardware, you can look forward to more well-crafted Drum and Bass, and stellar live performances from Quadrant—every time.

Check out some of these releases from 2015:
—Scandal" featured on S.P.Y Essential Mix
—“Pushin' Your Luck" w/ Total Science & Iris on C.I.A (Beatport Top 10!)
—Kelis "Change" Remix w/ Kid Hops & Iris on Ninja Tune/Hospital
—“206" LP w/ Kid Hops & Iris on Commercial Suicide
and in 2016:
—Scattershot EP w/ Iris on Vandal
—“Get It Back" w/ Kid Hops & Iris feat. Shaprece - Hospital Future Sound of America EP
—Dub Central/Living A Lie" w/ NC-17 on Dispatch

MindsEye (One Family PDX)

Minds Eye is a purveyor of quality Bass and Beats. Enthralled by the underground at the first introduction to the sound, MindsEye had to know everything he could about this new body shaking, out of mind inspiring music. The natural evolution for him was Drum and Bass. Starting his career as Jadis in Minneapolis he created an onslaught of bass heavy amen floor smashers. Now residing in Portland OR, he has since settled into a more stable state of aural being and has become known as MindsEye. Bringing a crafty set of deep, heavy, liquid rollers. With an acute sense of what sounds great, and a knack for bringing the floor alive with great vibes. M!ndsEye is always forward thinking and innovative in his mixing. Expect deep bass, techy percussion and cerebral headspace.


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